Thank you for your preliminary interest in join our cast. 


Please email/ forward over contact information to include:


Contact number


Social Media Handles 


Virtual links or reels to any other projects 





  • Brandon - Main Costar between 5’9 and taller 

One nudity, paid 


  • Brandon’s date/ex

Supporting cast member, 1 nudity scene, paid 


  • Brandon’s dates best friend 

Supporting Extra role, 1 nudity scene paid 


  • Brandon’s boss 

Extra role


  • Brandon’s landlord 

Extra role 

  • Client one 

Nudity, paid 


  • Client two



  • Client three

oral, nudity, Paid 


  • Concierge

Extra role


  • Bartender 1

Extra role, 1 nudity scene paid 

  • Bartender 2

Extra role, 1 nudity scene paid 


  • Studio engineer

Extra role, 1 nudity scene paid 


  • Driver 

Extra role 

The story line:


The Nosey Neighbors

A scripted comedy about 4 different Neighbors in a trailer park community. Crazy Tracy & Betty Lue Tucker are best friends with a equal attraction towards Deontae, the newest addition to the trailer park community and future barbershop owner. They also share a equal hate for Deontae’s cousins Marcus’ “sponsor” Sable. Like most communities there is always those who belong, those who employ havoc, and those who sit back and observe. In this scripted comedy series we dare to expose it all.


Character Synopsis:


Monetary Roles 

    ✓    Deontae Benjamin

Newest resident of Brantville Trailer Park. Neighborhood Barber and cousin of Marcus. 18-25 young African American male. Swimmers build at minimum, Barber skills. 


    ◦    Betty Lue Tucker 

Best friend to Crazy Tracy, at home Call Center employee. 

18-25 Female, height range below 5-7. No special requirements. 




    ◦    Crazy Tracy 

Best friend to Betty Lue Tucker. Unemployed, owns a car and keeps mess up. Female/Male transgender, any height, any nationally any age. No special requirements 


    ◦    Marcus Benjamin

Cousin of Deontae

Male 5-5 to 5-9 height, 20-28 age range. No special requirements. 


    ◦    Sable Smith 

Bread breaker in a complicated situation with Marcus. 

Female, any height, any nationality age range 25 and up. No special requirements. 



Non monetary roles  no special skill or requirements. 

(Consist of appearances less then 3 scenes) 


    ◦    911 operator (1scene)

Male or female, any nationally, any age & weight 


    ◦    Caller (2 scenes)

Gay male, any age, weight and nationally 


    ◦    Clerk (1 scene)

Male or female, any nationally, any age & weight 


    ◦    Ethal Chizalcourt (1 scene)

Female, any nationally, age 27 and up. Any weight 


    ◦    News caster (1 scene)

Male or female, any nationally, any age & weight 



◦    2 Police Officers (2 scenes)

Male or female, any nationally, any age & weight 


    ◦    2 parking attendants (1 scene)

Male or female, any nationally, any age & weight 


    ◦    Role available 

    ✓    Role filled       Tel: 470-400-9292

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